Nick Frias
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Sum me up as a basketball junkie. I love talking about basketball, not your typical bias fan. I see things from all prospective and give you my own views from a neutral stand point. I call it how i see it. Bleed Purple & Gold. LakerNation Stand up!

Ivica Zubac 101

Ladies and gentleman, I didn’t want to dive right in and make much of a few games. I wanted to sit and let it marinate in my head, evaluate the man child that he is, but THE BOY CAN BALL! Can we…

Lakers vs Blazers, 1.25.17.

The Los Angeles Lakers (16-32) will take on the Portland Trail Blazers (19-27) tonight at 7:30 CT on ESPN. The Lakers will be at Portland were they will try to pick up their 17th win of the season aft…